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Selling Real Estate At Auctions

The Auction Method is based upon America’s Free Enterprise System.  It creates a market where all interested buyers are gathered at one time to competitively bid against one another.

Mark White and Associates – auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, appraisers, and set-up crew – all work together on one sale at a specific time for maximum results.

This proven system furnishes a cash buyer and creates a “Bull Market” which in many cases carries the sale price beyond the seller’s expectations.

Mark White and Associates will do in one or two days what normally takes months to accomplish.

Auctions can work for you….

If you are:

  • Marketing Real Estate:  Including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Small Tracts, Subdivisions, and Farms
  • Considering Retirement or Relocation
  • Discontinuing a Partnership
  • Liquidation or Bankruptcy
  • Handling a Foreclosure
  • Selling Antiques
  • Selling Machinery and Equipment

Sell Your Real Estate by Auction

  • Price:  Open bidding offers you the opportunity to have all the available offers presented at one time in a competitive situation.
  • Timing:  A specified sale date lets you avoid the problem of considering one offer at a time.
  • Marketing:  Mark White and Associates are able to cover a broad market area with effective advertising that can be concentrated by setting a specific sale date.
  • Representation:  Mark White and Associates work exclusively as your agent to bring the highest possible price.  After the agreement of sale is signed, we represent both parties in an effort to facilitate settlement and competition of the transaction.
  • Success:  Mark White and Associates have many years of experience in Real Estate Sale and Brokerage and have successfully sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of properties.  We are properly licensed and thoroughly familiar with general real estate transaction.  Mark White and Associates will handle every aspect of your transaction, including subdividing large parcels of land to bring you a higher investment return.
  • Mark White and Associates bring buyers and sellers together to create the highest cash prices available to you.  Your auctioneer is a specialist in understanding problems and eliminating them.  He is an expert marketing man who can turn your liabilities into assets.

The Advantage of Auction

Liquidating or selling at auction is a method that furnishes a cash buyer and sets an actual value on the property or articles being sold.

  1. An auction will do in a few hours what takes other methods months to accomplish.
  2. It brings the buyers to you.
  3. It sets no ceiling price.
  4. Auction exposes property to a large number of prospects.
  5. It brings prospects to a point of immediate decision.
  6. Auction usually sells property as is.
  7. It facilitates a quick closing.

Sell by Auction

A full service auction company includes marketing, organizing, conducting, clerking, and final settlement services.

All details are handled by the qualified and experienced personnel of    Mark White and Associates.


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